Consumers Admit to “Home Crush”!

When it comes to looking for a house. Consumers admit to a “home crush” when looking for a new place to live. They say that they revisit homes online and in print often after falling in love with it. As a real estate agent and seller of homes, we see this all the time. 69% of buyers said they have fallen in love with a home they have looked at. 31% say they have no connection to them.

Men and ladies fall in love with different parts of homes, men lean towards garages and man caves, while women remember and fall in love with new appliances and fixtures. When you compare finding the “one” in love or real estate, there are striking resemblances! When you find the right one in love, you find all the things that you love about the other person. And when you find the one in home buying, you find all of the things you love, but also all of the things you hate.  And when you find the one home you just have to have, then you are always on the look out for the things that made you fall in love with it. You are constantly online to see if they have added any new photos or updated the old ones. When you find the right person, you do some of the same things, except that you are checking your phone to see if you missed a text or call. 

So when it comes to you selling your home, think about how you can make a prospective buyer more attracted to your home by making it more appealing to them with “hot pics” and providing curb appeal. Take advantage of human nature by appealing to their natural attraction instincts! 

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