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Certified Home Staging Expert

Mary Robins has passed the exam that makes her a Home Staging Expert. What this means is that you are assured that when you list your home with her that your home will be staged in a professional way that will help you sell your home for more and... (more)

How Much Does It Cost to Sell a House?

By Cathie Ericson So How Much Does It Cost to Sell a House? Show me the money! Admit it, that’s what you’re thinking when you consider selling your house. In fact, chances are good you’ve mentally spent much of the proceeds already—on a new... (more)

FSBO and discount-broker sales at record lows

FSBO and discount-broker sales at record lows BY TEKE WIGGIN You might think that the internet and today’s seller’s market is coaxing an unusually large share of homeowners into selling without an agent. And for those home sellers who list with... (more)

6 Landscaping Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Yard

Homeowner’s Tips 6 Landscaping Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Yard By Jamie Wiebe As warmer temps approach—quite slowly, depending on your part of the country—you might already be sweating your lawn. And with good reason: Good... (more)

This Month in Real Estate Video

Monthly Real Estate Updates for December 2017 Keller Williams puts out a monthly video on the state of the Real Estate Marketplace in the United States. It a quick video that gives you an idea of how well the real estate market is doing in various... (more)

Fast Fence Fixes!

Traci Ferguson shares a clever DIY fence improvement tip. If you have a rental property or home that has an less that attractive chain link fence around the yard, this is a fantastic real estate upgrade that takes very little time, effort or money.... (more)

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Use these tips from Lowes Creative Ideas to remodel your kitchen on a budget by making changes in stages. Find project details here. Update your outdated kitchen cabinets by applying a simple coat of paint and changing out the cabinet and drawer... (more)

8 Things Your Realtor Does Behind Your Back

So if you are wondering just what it is that we Realtors do for you to sell your home. A very informative article was written on recently.  8 Things Your Realtor Does Behind Your Back Have you ever wondered what on Earth your real... (more)

If You Don’t Price Your Home Right, You’ll Really Pay!

When it comes to selling your home quickly and (hopefully) for a sweet profit, setting the right asking price from the get-go is key to your success. Set the price too high? The place will stagnate on the market and force you into price cuts,... (more)

7 Reasons to Use a REALTOR When Selling Your Home

Great article by Housecall on why you should always use a Realtor of sell or buy a home. Selling your home can seem a daunting task. When you close that deal, you want to make sure that your home goes to the best buyer for the best price. It may... (more)
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